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Thank you for visiting www.angklung.nl Here you will find information regarding workshops, courses and angklung performances. These workshops and performances are suitable for children, teenager and adults, birthday parties, weddings, cultural themed parties, night markets, charities, and extracurricular activities. Our aim is to preserve and to develop anklung tradition through courses and activities that are fun, educational, and social. For further information, please follow the links, by clicking on the words workshops and performances above.

About www.angklung.nl
First let me introduce myself. My name is Leni Marleni, the founder of www.angklung.nl. I was born and grew up in Sunda (West Java). I am proud of where I come from and endeavour to preserve our cultural heritage. I would like to share angklung with the world, and make it enjoyed by everyone. The sound of angklung reminds me of my childhood, brings the reminiscence of the breeze from the paddy fields which bring a special feeling. Angklung can be played by young and old, solo or ensemble. These bring me to decide to offer workshops and courses. I believe a lot of people will enjoy playing angklung. Playing angklung together brings the feeling of harmony and togetherness.
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